Bader TV News Services is a global industry leader in producing same-day HD broadcast and web magazine-blogger video news stories and broadcast news media placement. Bader TV News Services has the unique distinction of functioning as a strategic marketing partner with our clients, working in conjunction with their public relations and marketing staffs to maximize the marketing initiatives, brand imaging, and corporate goals.


We quickly edit broadcast TV news videos, write the scripts and distribute to local, regional, national and global news and sports channels along with the web magazine and select blogger sites.
Our in-house global media relations teams enjoy strong, long-term relationships with the top broadcast news channels and digital media sites, effectively pitching and promoting the news stories with HD video for immediate use by accessing our easy to use Bader TV Media Access site. Media outlets do not pay for content.
The Bader TV News production staff is based throughout the world with offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia, making us a unique full-service vendor. Our multilingual staff is fluent in over sixteen languages.
Bader TV also serves as a TV news pool (i.e. a common practice wherein Bader TV is the singular production team on site to shoot an event – we then quickly edit and distribute the footage to the global broadcast media and targeted web magazine and blogger websites who then download and edit it to their spec and use it in their news programs). Bader TV is on site covering events with our experienced camera teams and field producers, interviewing key news makers to capture the story and promote the key message points.
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