Our in-house media relations teams has fantastic relationships with all of the news channels to pitch the event, promote the story and make the video available for immediate use. We do not charge the news channels for this materials.

Bader Media Services is a world leader in same-day TV news production – specializing in covering a corporate breaking story or scheduled news conference and feeding an edited package to the targeted broadcasters within a few short hours.


We not only produce same day satellite news feeds, but also specialize in creating background video press kits, satellite media tours, marketing and sales videos and client presentation videos.


Services range from early on client strategy sessions straight through to on-site TV news editing and distribution. Bader Media Services always follows through by offering comprehensive TV news monitoring and gathering requested off-air TV news clips for final client presentation.

The Bader Media Services production staff is based throughout the world (offices in USA, Europe and Asia) and speaks sixteen different languages, making us a unique full-service vendor.


Our production staff is comprised of award winning producers, studio editors, writers, HD field camera crews and support personnel such as hair/make-up artists, wardrobe shoppers, vocal coaches, and more!
We service media with live satellite TV news feeds, interviews via satellite /Skype/Web, along with customized content for web bloggers and print media websites with video. Content is made available in a wide array of digital, tape, and online formats.


The Bader Media Services staff continually researches, analyzes and monitors all major broadcast news programs, online media and social media.

We provide expert broadcast planning and strategic services for all clients.


El personal de Bader continuamente investiga, analiza y monitorea a los principales canales de noticias, medios de internet y red social. Somos expertos en proveer planes estratégicos para servicios de difusión para todos nuestros clientes.


Our Berlin office is situated directly in the RTL newsgroup building across from the ARD Capital Studio. You might have seen Bader TV footage already – in Germany on “Exklusiv” (RTL) or “tagesthemen” (ARD) amongst others.

We deliver the right format, the right size and the right quality, for every purpose (Facebook, YouTube, own website, TV News Channels like BBC and CNN). Depending on the way you want to use the videos (for sponsors, for spreading the events message or for entertainment channels just as an example) you get the video you need.


Bader Media Services has an impressive track record for a wide array Fortune 100 clients as well as new entrepreneurial endeavors. You know our clients – everyday you eat, drink, drive or wear their products.

Bader Media Services has the unique distinction of serving as a strategic marketing partner for our clients, working in conjunction with their public relations staff to maximize their marketing initiatives, brand imaging, and corporate goals. Our advice and expertise, based on years of experience in every aspect of the news business, affords our clients a decisive advantage over their competition.


We excel in providing our clients’ with a comprehensive “sizzler” highlight video which affords your internal viewers a quick, concise recapitalization of your broadcast and online media campaign. In addition, Bader Media Services affords our clients concise documentation of when and where their stories appear – from local city markets to international interest.


BADER MEDIA ASIA Headquarters in Beijing is located in the Blue Ocean Network Broadcast Studios in Chaoyang District, alongside the top regional broadcasters. Managed by veteran broadcasters, the BADER MEDIA ASIA team is staffed with media strategists, story publicists, field producers, talented HD camera crews, and skilled editors who offer immediate satellite feeds and HD web access downloads.
贝德传媒亚洲总部(北京)坐落于位于朝阳区的蓝海电视大楼,这一区域还包括了许多顶尖的电视媒体。 贝德传媒亚洲由经验丰富的团队管理,员工中包括媒体策划人、故事撰稿人、现场制片人、有才华的高清视频摄像人员、以及熟悉卫星信号直播和网络高清视频下载的剪辑师。